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“For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope” – Romans 15:4

Things are Looking Up!

When should you and I expect the return of Jesus? Well, for me to say at any moment does not begin to express the joy and anticipation that I feel in my heart. Jesus is coming, and His reward is with Him. Think about it! We will trade the scum of this world for the...

Finding Life in Loss

I dislike losing my keys, so very much. Nothing is more frustrating than the need to be somewhere RIGHT NOW and not have this small and simple item. We can have a hundred-thousand-dollar car, which is a giant paperweight without a small fob. However, some things in...

Live with Purpose

Have you ever had someone make you feel like you were not doing enough for God? Like you need to study, pray, worship, give, or serve more? I hope you get my point. Many of us have experienced this kind of pressure, leading us to unhealthy thinking about ourselves and...

So, Another Armageddon?

There is a lot of rhetoric these days about another “Armageddon.” I can see why. The world under human rule is a huge mess. Yet, we, as Christians, should not be afraid. For there is a living hope for all who are, as Paul writes in Ephesians, “in Christ.” (See...

Rise Up

I find it a fascinating enigma that some of the religious leaders in Jesus’ day were motivated by the fear of the crowds, rather than the graceful teachings of Jesus. (Matthew 21:26; Luke 20:19) Many of them had become so incredibly agitated by Jesus that they wanted...

Be Self Responsible

What is Undue Influence? It can be defined as a powerful influence by which a person is induced to act otherwise than by their own free will or without adequate attention to the consequences as we seek to please others out of a sense of fear, guilt, or obligation. I...