“So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Romans 10:17.

Each day I am never amazed, but always in awe of the encouragement and strengthening of my faith that comes from reading through the Bible year after year. I have been praying, through my personal journey as well as our corporate reading through the Bible this year as a church family, for God to awaken a revival in each heart.

You see, as a young boy I grew up with lots of Bibles around the house: some were used for reading, one was used as the coffee table centerpiece, and one for pressing flowers. No matter what they were used for, we all knew they were there. However, knowing where your Bible is, and knowing what your Bible says are two completely different things. For me, reading through the Bible again and again, affords a continual opportunity to take the Word of God off the pages of the Bible and plant them deep within my heart so that it might produce fruit in my life to God for His glory and His glory alone.

This week, finishing Revelation personally has been a great encouragement to me, reminding me of God’s grace and plan for redemption. In the midst of the fall of man in Genesis chapter 3, we see the redemptive promise of our Savior Jesus Christ that comes to pass in the culmination of all things in Revelation. Each one of us can apply that promise to our own lives in that when we fall, there, available to us, is His promise of grace and redemption. Not only a promise for the future, but grace for today, available to us through the Cross of Christ.