How do we answer the question of pain and suffering? That is a question worthy of the best answers. Yet, there exist so many deep and rich emotional and theological waters we must personally, corporately, carefully and thoughtfully work through first. Considering the global view of all these issues is priceless when we seek to comfort the hearts and minds of those who are suffering from the countless forms of trauma this life has to offer and the accompanying pain that comes with them. This is not just an academic or theological exercise. We must never forget our conversation regarding these things is about real, flesh and blood, people who are in real crisis. So, a “one size fits all” answer is never an answer. When crazy things happen, most people want an answer to the big question of, “Why?” especially when the suffering or pain is unjustified, or at least when it seems to be in our opinion. Many are often just trying to make sense of a senseless situation. The Christian, at least, has the hope that our God has a plan for all pain and suffering. (Romans. 8:28; Jeremiah. 29:11) We can often nag God for the answers to our burning questions to nothing but what seems to be eternal silence. However, at least we have somewhere to go. I would rather get no answer from the God of heaven and earth knowing He is with me than be utterly alone in the matrix of suffering. The world has nowhere to look but to their own naturalism and is left hopeless and defeated. As the world in pain cries out, “Why?” God cries out, “It is finished!” When we are in pain and suffering there is an answer. His name is Jesus. Look up, He is coming.