“The Love of a Life Time” from 1 John 4:12-21. Love seems to be such a highly valued thing in life. There are love stories, love songs, and poems that speak of love. Yet most people don’t know what real love is. We use the word love in relation to lust, infatuation, food, fun, entertainment, and people. We can say, “I love it!” But the kind of love we are looking for is the love of God. The highest, purest, and truest kind of love is God’s love. This is the kind of love that has no ulterior motives in its giving. This is the kind of love that gives for the pleasure of giving. God’s love flows to us all. God’s ultimate goal is that His love would then flow through us. The Bible reveals to us both what the love of God looks like and the evidence of that love in our lives as it changes us.